Daca as avea casa mea, poate ca as pune in ea:

Chestii facute de nenea asta. Chaiyut Plypetch. Memorabil nume.

Mugs that make it easier. It's a set of ceramic mugs that have been designed with an imaginative storage solution. The mug's handle interlocks with a rubber wall mounted holder. Each set comes with 3 mugs and only for $49. Only pentru ei, s-avem pardon.

Saltepper. A play on identical form and function, the salt & pepper dispensers are attached yet separate. Astea parca nu's asa grozave, pe mine una ma cam sperie plus deruteaza.

Match light.This "museum piece" looks like a giant matchstick leaning against your wall.Made of a wooden stand and a plastic tip, the Match Lamp is truly an "enlightening" installation for your home.Comes with a red and a white tip. Asta imi place dar nu stiu daca l-as pune in casa. Ziua cel putin m-as simti ca shrinking Alice.

Ciudatenii found here.

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