Knife- Heartbeats

De data asta parca as pune si versurile, mai mult pentru mine, ca nu cred sa aiba careva rabdare sa le citeasca

One night to be confused
one night to speed up truth
we had a promise made
four hands and then away
both under influence
we had divine scent
to know what to say
mind is a razorblade

To call for hands of above to lean on
Wouldn't be good enough for me

One night of magic rush
the start: a simple touch
one night to push and scream
and then relief
ten days of perfect tunes
the colours red and blue
we had a promise made
we were in love

And you
you knew the hand of a devil
and you
kept us awake with wolves teeth
staring different heartbeats in one night

2 comentarii:

aquashark spunea...

versurile sunt banale. atat!

Julien spunea...

cu vocea aia, nici o-bladi-o-blada nu ti-ar suna banal, trust me. it requires a northern marmaid to razzle dazzle.