An euro for my thoughts

97 unread messages in my fbk inbox
450 unread on gmail
and 2051 on yahoo

my countless drafts somewhere along the way

one missed call
from (no number)

phone rang
as i was blowing my own banana

still people think they know me
but you know what

all the things i'll never read from you
never write to you and never speak of until your face turns blue
make me most of what i am today
so close and yet so afk

if i were a website i'd be butdoesitfloat

daca as fi o limba as fi moarta

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bogdan spunea...

here comes the winner of our discontent

UTOPIC spunea...

dissed content

casanova cat spunea...

mmm electricitatea_ne_a_adunat_pe_toţi_la_un_loc_ca_să_ne_depărteze (dar cine observă cât timp are credit pe plastic?)