Random Brutal Sex Master (RBSM)

26M, Chicago, IL
Are most Eastern European Women hostile? I'm not trying to imply that you are! Nope, I don't buy it! But, would I score some more points if I said I like beautiful, reformed nihilists who look like they chain smoke and go on week-long self imposed isolated writing binges, but are really just softies at heart?!

32M, Dublin, Ireland
ey; im alex
i lecture in philosophy and film in ireland
u-topic/what a wonderful moniker
sexy woman too xxx

34M, Vólos, Greece
hi i am from greece i see your profile and i like it
i 173 cm 80 kg black hair brown eyes i am engineer in greek army in helicopters and i looking for one woman like you for friendship romaance marriage if you interesting please sent mail
i wait take care
yours thanasis

23M, Bombay, India
hello my name is dhruv and i am from india
i am here to make new friends only nothing else..looking for a friend who understands the true meaning of friendship...please reply

26M, Chicago, IL insista

though you look very hardcore with your smoking a cig and being in dark lighting and all.... I am still wishing you a Merry Christmas because I know you are a sweet heart at core when it comes down to it.


i have been waiting and longing for you for so long, it's like you were the only one who was able to see who i really am on the inside. a butterfly trapped inside a dark cage, struggling to come out. i think i love you. do you have yahoo messenger?

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johnny clash spunea...

ha, adonisul ala era perfect daca se numea thanatos

cantemir spunea...


brancoveanu spunea...


Elena Udrea spunea...

imi place mult cum scrii, am nimerit aici mai mult dintr-o greseala, dar ma bucur ca am gresit. ma gandesc sa pun bazele unei organizatii ale femeilor din blogosfera romaneasca. ce zici?

emilush spunea...

as fi vrut sa vad si niste mesaje mioritice

Elena, nu mai intra de pe presidency.ro spunea...

Accepta invitatia elenei udrea!!!!11oneoneone
Poate ajungi si tu "femeie de suckces" ca si ea. In sensul ca o sa o arzi pe net si o sa faci "greseli" in miez de noapte din dormitorul altcuiva.
Oricum, te compatimesc; te-a luat politicul in vizor (si SRI). Cand se intampla asta inseamna ca ai devenit comercial.

P.S. Doamne fereste.

Anonim spunea...

sper ca raspunsurile tale au fost pe masura

ion iliescu spunea...

am tinut ieri o conferinta de presa la club a, inconjurat de o multime de tineri frumosi si inteligenti. regret nespus ca anumite personalitati de o valoare incomensurabila au lipsit. te astept oricand cu sugestii referitoare la blogul meu. cu stima, ion iliescu

drull spunea...

Bhahaha!! Mitu naruit iz fackin famous. Du iu have yahoo messenger?