ador ador discutiile discutiile

fresh meat, of course

=====drlk wrote=====

whats your favorite thing to eat?

=====utopic wrote=====
people are always hungry

=====drlk wrote=====
fuck in hell?
I agree with the lonely but id add horny.
Its true realationships dont last because people have more choice. the grass is aways greener.

drugs being hard too find....your just not lookin in the right place.

=====utopic wrote=====
neah i don't think that's it ;)
i think it has more to do with people feeling lonely, relationships not lasting, consumerism taking over our souls and drugs being harder to find

=====drlk wrote=====
yeah thats because the winter is over it spring coming into summer.

the animals are at it the flowers are at naturally the monkeys are at it.




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