Balancing your current need for stability with your desire for excitement can prove exhausting, for every little thing that happens to you today stimulates an avalanche of memories. More thoughts rush into awareness now than usual, and it's tough to maintain your sense of perspective. Keep in mind that your system is tightly wired now and that anything you can do to calm down will be helpful. Try soothing music, meditation or a walk in the woods.


An unusual set of circumstances could turn even weirder today and it may fall on you to sort it all out. Fortunately, your greatest strength now is your easygoing demeanor. Even your bosses at work see your positive attitude as the one thing that makes you different from everyone else. Your authority will be genuine if you are truly not seeking personal power.


You may be a bit pushy when it comes to telling others about your weird plans, but this isn't the first time you've faced this dilemma. You appear normal, until you fixate on a peculiar fantasy that's all about what you want. But your fear of being rejected can cause you to turn your volume up. Just keep in mind that the long-term viability of your pet project isn't likely to improve just because you get others to notice what you're doing.

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